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5 reasons I regret getting a coolina knife

I didn’t expect these to happen after buying



Way too sharp!

These knives are RAZOR sharp! Like seriously, you have to be really careful when handling them because I tried touching the blade to check the sharpness, and of course, I cut my finger... stupid move. But at least cutting through a soft tomato or tough meat is effortless with these. Please need to be careful.


too many compliments

At first it was nice getting some attention from family and friends...but now it’s getting annoying. Everyone who comes over my house and sees me using the knives is absolutely shocked when they see these.


people won’t stop asking where to get one

I’m actually getting tired of people asking me where to get these.They all ask where to buy one since they’ve never seen such a cool looking knife.Most people see the knife and immediately have some relative or friend sho has a birthday or something coming up and you can tell they have a light-bulb moment when they see the knife.


i can’t put it down

My wife is actually getting quite annoyed with me because what used to be movie time is now cooking time. It seems like every-time I put the knife down, I have another idea for a fun recipe I wanted to try for a while and for some reason the knife just makes me want to cook all the time. Maybe I’m starting to actually enjoy cooking now?


Everyone wants to give it a try

For some reason, all my friends want to handle the knife or try cutting something. Maybe it just looks very satisfying when I’m chopping through celery? I don’t know but it gets kind of annoying that I’m constantly being interrupted. Maybe I’ll just stick to cooking everything before the guests arrive.

The strongest, sharpest, and most bada$$ knives in the world.

Hand-made carbon steel chef knives for men

The strongest, sharpest, and most bada$$ knives in the world.

Hand-made carbon steel chef knives for men

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