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5 Reasons Why Coolina Knives Will Upgrade Your Grilling Experience

Why thousands of home cooks, steak lovers, and grillers are raving about them...



more enjoyable to use

There is something about these knives that just inspire you to do more cooking or grilling. I think it’s a combination of the sharpness, look, ergonomics, and weight/balance of the knife. For me, it reminds me of getting new football cleats as a kid and then wanting to go play just to get a chance to use them.


they cut thick steaks like hot butter

I’ve tried challenging these knives with anything you can think of. Ribs, tomahawk steaks, raw meat... nothing challenges them. You’ll be amazed of the slicing power.


they look bada$$

I’m completely in love with the design. These remind of the viking era and medieval times. It’s been a while since I’ve come across a manly knife like this one and its been really enjoyable to use. I’m also into the rustic look, especially with my home decor, so these match perfect and look great in my kitchen. I actually leave them on display for the most part because they look awesome.


super ergonomic wooden handle

Unlike other knives I’ve used in the past, these knives just feel natural in your hand. It’s really comfortable to grip so I find myself using them for hours without the cramps I would get with my other knives.


show piece for bBQ parties

You know those famous videos of the guy slicing the steak and the pouring the salt over at the end?? Well, these remind of that because everyone loves watching as I slice though the steaks so effortlessly. So this make bbq parties like a restaurant show, especially if you have a nice wood serving board too.

The strongest, sharpest, and most bada$$ knives in the world.

Hand-made carbon steel chef knives for men

The strongest, sharpest, and most bada$$ knives in the world.

Hand-made carbon steel chef knives for men

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