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Kitchen knives for men

Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Chef Knives that transform your kitchen experience.

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Coolina is for the real cooks


Connell S.

I really like this knife. Although it's not pretty it's clearly handmade and is tough and functional. The shape appears somewhat unusual but has a nicely balanced feel and is well suited to the thin slicing of vegetables common in Asian style cooking. Currently my favorite in the kitchen.

German S.

I am a professional chef and have been for the last 18yrs, and I have used many different styles of knives. This butcher knife has exceeded all my expectations from durability to edge retention. It's just the perfect size, can navigate around bones and it's wickedly versatile.

Mark W.

I collect knives but not for a shelf to look pretty, which this one does, but to use them in my other hobby, cooking. This knife will be a great addition to my camp knife set up. Although from the pictures it looks like a sninning knife, it is large enough to do much more. Get yourself a new friend. I did.