The Coolina Family

Coolina family
Coolina was founded in 2017 by two close friends, Sergey and Ilya, who share the same passion for handmade knives and (unsurprisingly), cooking!
Back then, it was very difficult to find authentic, high-quality handmade knives at affordable prices. So they decided to create a brand that will bring handmade craftsmanship to you, the end-users.
Coolina has come a long way since then. It has sold over 150,000 knives and counting all over the world and there’s no stopping them. What sets us apart is the guaranteed service before, during, and after every purchase. 
Coolina brings you the best cooking experience that you deserve whether at home or outdoors, from simple meals to adventurous cooking.

Our Team

The team behind Coolina is a bunch of creative and like-minded people who live across different countries all over the world. 
These are the perfect words to describe the culture behind Coolina.