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The Mysterious Chef’s Picks

Perfect Bundle by The Mysterious Chef

Daozi Premium Butcher Knife

$189.97 USD
$219.99 USD

EXCUTO - Hand-Forged Pan

$91.97 USD
$154.99 USD

Coolina Cookbook Vol.1

$26.97 USD
$29.90 USD

Enjoy The Mysterious Chef Experience With These Fantastic Items!

Daozi Premium Butcher Knife

For years, Daozi has been my go-to companion during my outdoor cooking escapades. As you know, I love crafting recipes in the heart of nature with the accompaniment of my beloved Lea.

In these settings, Daozi has proven to be a reliable and efficient tool, catering to all my chopping and cutting needs.

  • Ergonomic grip for better control.
  • Cuts all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, and even bones.
  • Forged using traditional techniques for a rustic look.
  • Made of high carbon steel for long-lasting durability and sharpness.

Coolina Cookbook Vol.1

Join me, The Mysterious Chef, as I unlock the secrets of nature's pantry and bring you a collection of my extraordinary and secret recipes inspired by my adventures in the great outdoors.

  • 20 Viral TikTok recipes, including my most famous Fish & Chips.
  • Step by step instructions with mouthwatering images and links to videos .

EXCUTO - Hand-Forged Pure Iron Pan

Who says you can’t have a full-course meal in the wild?

One thing you know about me is that I can cook just about any recipe with the bare minimum. And that’s all thanks to Excuto Hand-Forged Iron Pan, which can double as a steamer or a pot.

  • Suitable for frying, baking, or steaming.
  • Beautiful wooden handle with a hook for easy storage.
  • Its 12.6-inch diameter makes it perfect for cooking large batches for 3-5 people.

Perfect Bundle by The Mysterious Chef

Complete your experience with my perfect bundle. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own the Daozi knife, Excuto Pan and Cookbook by me.

  • Daozi - Cuts all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, and even bones.
  • Cookbook - 20 Viral TikTok recipes, including my most famous Fish & Chips
  • Excuto Pan - Beautiful wooden handle with a hook for easy storage.

Let's Hear What They Say...

I love it razor sharp very durable heavy duty and looks awesome 👏🏽

Jay M. about DAOZI

This is a sickness , can’t stop ordering these awesome knives, everyone I show them to wants one , I personally have seven of the eleven I ordered, the other 5 were given to friends and family

Jack M. about DAOZI

Can’t say enough great things about this pan! Love it! I even ordered a second one! I’m hoping they have more available sizes in the future.

Shannon C. about EXCUTO

I got the pan for my bf and he love it! says the size is perfect, loved the design and Im pretty sure Ill get more for him.

Jazmin M. about EXCUTO

We have done a few recipes so far and the meals have turned out delicious. The pictures and directions are great. Excited to try all of them in the future

Cj W. about COOKBOOK

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