Everything you need to know about the Butchwood Cutting Boards

We know you've been waiting for a Coolina Cutting Board to come to life for a long time, so we're not going to keep you waiting any longer! Please welcome the first-ever Handmade Butchwood Cutting Board. Whether you're one of the many fans who has been waiting for this day, or if you're just curious about this cutting board, keep reading to learn everything you need to know. I sincerely hope you love it as much as we do!

Generally, cutting boards are the most worn down tools in the kitchen; they get soaked in the water far too long, they get beaten up by knives, food stains them to the point that their colors become unrecognizable. However, if you choose yours carefully, taking into account all of the specifics and advantages, it will be able to endure all of the horrors you subject it to on a daily basis. So let's get started and see what this one is all about.


The Butchwood Cutting Board comes in two styles:


  1. End-Grain

The end-grain cutting board is made from end pieces of wood. It has a checkerboard design, which is the key distinguishing feature that will allow you to identify it as an end-grain cutting board. The fibers close up after being cut by the knife, giving this option a "self-healing" quality.


  1. Edge-Grain

The edge-grain cutting board is created by fusing parallel pieces of wood together. It has a classic appearance, but it may have a few cut marks after extended use. Don't worry: routine application of beeswax and mineral oil will prevent this. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and talk about the care later. An advantage of the edge-grain is its large working surface, which is crucial for a lot of cooks. 


Wood is, as we all know, the best material for cutting boards, particularly when using steel knives. Hard materials can easily blunt and weaken knives, while wood's soft surface protects a knife's edge. But it's still strong enough to hold the edge in place and provide a smooth cutting experience. Both options of the Butchwood Cutting Board are fully constructed of American Hard Maple. 

This is a very hard, tight-grained wood that is excellent for cutting boards. Its hardness makes it a stable and long-lasting cutting board. And because of the wood's tight grain, it's extremely sanitary, which can be a major concern when it comes to cutting boards. No wonder it’s the most popular cutting board material in the US. 

Throughout the upper Midwest and Canada, Hard Maple can be found in abundance. It has a range that stretches from Nova Scotia to Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota, Wisconsin, Lower Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and all the way down to Missouri. It's a native wood ready to withstand long, cold winters and scorching summers. Hard Maple is a workhorse material, denser than its softer relatives the Big Leaf and Silver Maple.

Its density is attributed to its slow cold-weather growth, and its weight alone is nearly twice that of a similarly sized piece of soft wood. Due to its solidity, Hard Maple is used for a range of items, including baseball bats, flooring, rolling pins, and, of course, butcher blocks and cutting boards. 


  • Easy to use: Both options have routed finger holds on each, which makes it easy to pick them up and move around. 
  • Sturdy: Both options have 4 anti-skid rubber feet with stainless steel screws. This prevents rocking and moving while you chop away. 
  • Pre-finished: Both options are pre-finished with a food-grade mineral oil and beeswax finish. 
  • Sanitary: To absorb bad bugs from the cutting surface pores, wooden boards use capillary action. As bacteria become trapped within the wood's cells, it suffocates because it is deprived of the oxygen it needs to survive. For example; plastic, unlike wood, does not self-heal, which means that after a plastic board has been nicked, bacteria will live there until it is fully sanitized.
  • Naturally Beautiful Look: A wooden cutting board, without a doubt, adds elegance to your workspace. The light color and subtle grain marks of Maple wood become an ideal complement to most workspaces. Butchwood Cutting Boards are a perfect and attractive choice for any kitchen. 
  • Made in the USA Sustainably: Our cutting boards are fully made in Ohio, USA, and since Hard Maple is a native American species, there are plenty of local sources. Just a few years ago, demand for Maple was so high that it was prohibitively expensive, but now supply has caught up with demand. In recent decades, careful forest management has increased supply and preservation, and Hard Maple is becoming increasingly accessible. 
  • Affordable: Since their geographic growth trends are more abundant in the United States, maple trees are more accessible than other plants such as walnut and pecan. They are also less vulnerable to pests because they are grown in colder climates, which lowers market costs. When opposed to outsourced products, the environmental effect of a locally harvested and processed tree product is minimal. Support your local production by getting the Butchwood Cutting Boards. 

Care Instructions

  1. Since these boards are pre-soaked in finish, when you first remove them from the plastic they may be covered in a layer of oil. This can be easily and quickly removed with a paper towel
  2. Oil using 100% mineral oil regularly (once a week preferably) 
  3. Store in an area out of continual direct sunlight 
  4. Never leave soaking in water 
  5. Never place a hot pan or a skillet on the board 
  6. In case of regular use, it is recommended to use beeswax sealer once a year on the board. This sealer can be bought pre-made or you can make it yourself. (the ingredients are a 4:1 ratio of beeswax to mineral oil.)

Conclusion: Whether you’re preparing a professional workspace, or simply finishing off your collection of kitchen gear at home, having a solid and reliable cutting surface is a must. So if you’re interested in The Butchwood Cutting Board, go ahead and check it out. But if you’re one of those lucky first buyers, hope you enjoyed learning more about your new partner in crime. Looking forward to seeing your reviews! 

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