How to care for Coolina Knives

As any other regularly used kitchen utensil, Coolina’s handmade knives need good care. You don’t have to spend hours taking care of them but there are a couple of important things that they do need in order to stay as fresh as the day you bought them. Here we have listed our knife care instructions for those who own a Coolina knife or those who are thinking of getting one. 

Wash immediately after receiving and after each use 

Remember to never leave our knives soak in the sink for too long, even just a few hours can be quite damaging for the blade. Hot water and moisture are the biggest causes of rust, so avoiding them as much as possible is the least you can do for your knives’ longevity. 

All you have to do is just wash your knives immediately after you use them, it will only take a minute but will save your knife from getting rusty. But if you have made the mistake and your knife got rusty, here is a guide for you on how to clean rust from a kitchen knife.

Wash by hand

Avoid dishwashers at all costs when dealing with our steel knives. Because dishwasher detergents are powerful enough to easily pit the steel off the blades. The jostling motion of the machine not only can dull and chip the blades but to also corrode the handles of your knives. 

When washing your knife by hand, use only soft sponges while still ensuring the schmutz gets off. Never use abrasive sponges or scouring pumices as those can eventually dull a high-polished knife. 

Dry immediately after washing 

As we said before, water and moisture are the biggest causes of rust, so you definitely don’t want to leave water on your blade after you thoroughly washed it by hand. Take a dry kitchen towel and safely dry the blade of your knife by running a towel along the dull edge. 

Make sure to always do this and never put the knife away while it is still wet. 

Oil after drying 

Our knives come already oiled, but you need to wash that oil off the blade with warm water or a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. After that you can oil the blade with special knife oil or regular food oil of your choice. Oiling is crucial for steel blades, so make sure to do that regularly. 

Store properly 

There are three ways to store your Coolina knives properly but the main point is separation from other utensils:

  • Store your kitchen knives in a separate drawer away from other cutlery and make sure that children are not able to open the drawer. 
  • In a knife holder block, preferably wooden to not damage the blades. 
  • On a magnetic knife rack high enough to be away from children. 

Cut on a wooden chopping board

Wood is considered as the best material for cutting boards for two main reasons. It doesn’t hurt knives making them blunt and it lasts longer. Hard surfaces like ceramic tiles, glass, basalt, metal or marble chopping boards blunt knives' blades more quickly since they are harder than the knife itself. They may look cool but they are also not as sturdy as wooden cutting boards, which is terrible, especially when dealing with heavy-duty steel knives. They are just the worst for knives.

Sharpen regularly

No matter how well you take care of any knife, it will eventually get dull. You can’t do anything against that. The only thing that you can do is sharpening your knives regularly to give them a longer and sharper life. 

All you have to do is get a knife sharpener if you don’t already own one. You don’t want to take your knife to a sharpening place every couple of months and spend more money on sharpening than you did on the knife itself. Sharpening kitchen knives at home is the right way to go. Just read our guide on how to sharpen steel knives and you’re good to go. 




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Is there a recommended sharpener for your knives?

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I’m 74 and this is the best knife I have ever owned.. Love it.

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