Our most popular knives of 2019

The year is close to its end and we are delighted to look back and see which were the most popular knives of 2019. And we were not surprised to see some of our personal favourites in there. So if you are interested, sit back with a cup of hot tea and see if your knife made the list or choose your next knife by the reviews of our customers. 


  1. The Promaja™ - Handmade Serbian Chef's Knife



Although it was voted as 2018's best chef's knife, it has been a major favourite in 2019 as well and we are guessing that will remain one of our most popular knives in 2020 too. 

Professional blacksmiths hand-forged this knife from Serbian Sarschach Steel using ancient quenching technology from the far east. You could even cut through wood with this hardened carbon steel blade, which is made to provide extreme sharpness throughout many years of use. The rust on the blade is an edgy touch to remind you how unique the knife is and how it was made.

The blade has a long-lasting sharpness thanks to the hard-working professional blacksmiths who used natural knife grinders. 

Here are some of the reviews of this knife from our loyal customers: 

“By far the sharpest, most well-made kitchen knife I've ever owned, and I've owned knives costing upwards of 5 times what this does. I use it for everything I do in my kitchen and will also be taking this on hunting, fishing and camping trips. Hands down best knife I own.” 

~ Casey C. 

“From the moment you hold it in your hand, you know you have a quality knife. The craftsmanship is beautiful while maintaining a classic look. Very sharp. My maiden voyage was with green chillies and vegetables and it simply fell through them. The weight lets you know it’s durability instantly. I was pleased enough I ordered a second one for a friend. Expensive compared to other knives I own but I’m far from professional and it blows them away. I will be ordering three or four more from your collection. I’ll just have to space them out to one a month so the wife doesn’t get wise to me. Thanks so much, I appreciate your product——Herb.”

~ Herbert L. 

“I'm incredibly satisfied with my new knife. Great quality, and it's the sharpest knife I've ever bought (scary sharp). Just the weight of the knife was enough to filet a chicken breast. I can't recommend it enough. It's the knife I reach for when cutting any meat. I'm one happy customer.”

~ Paul R.


  1. The Altomino Handmade Fixed Blade Sharp Knife




Cooking enthusiasts take their cookware very seriously, not to mention professional chefs. And many of them have been loving Altomino's new knife, which is this handmade sharp guy. Each of Altomino's knives was hand-forged by professional blacksmiths from high-quality steel, which optimized the blade's sharpness, edge retention and corrosion resistance. After that, it was put through multiple detailed hand inspections to test its quality and ensure that it matches the high standards of the brand. The blade of this knife is extremely sharp and narrow, which makes cutting meat and hard vegetables a breeze. The wooden handle is designed to be very comfortable for the handgrip.

Here are some of the reviews of this knife from our loyal customers:

“I collect knives but not for a shelf to look pretty, which this one does, but to use them in my other hobby, cooking. This knife will be a great addition to my camp knife set up. Although from the pictures it looks like a sninning knife, it is large enough to do much more. Get yourself a new friend. I did.”

~ mark w. 

“Beautiful knife. Nice thick full-length tang. Good weight balance and hand feel. Extremely sharp. Overall 5 of 5. This was my first Coolina knife. A test knife. I will be buying more now.” 

~ Jarred M.

“I like the knife a lot so far. I've only used it a few times. But I cut up a chicken with ease with it the other day. It's sharp, so it cuts like a butcher knife. Its tip is small, so it works like a boning knife, and the back of the blade is broad enough for me to whack it with the heel of my hand while cutting, so it works like a cleaver. I won't be able to give my final opinion, however, until I use it for a while so I can judge how well it holds an edge.”

~ Stephen H.


  1. The Daozi Handmade Chinese Style Knife




This tough guy has been a favourite for many cooks throughout 2019. A blunt blade is a problem that you will never have with this slick and sharp knife. It is highly recommended by professional chefs from different parts of the world. 

The slick blade is made of high carbon steel imported from Japan and has natural rust on the surface, which is just perfect for the stylish cooks. Of course, the edge is very sharp and needs to be handled carefully. It is extremely durable and will last you a lifetime. The ever so comfortable handle is made out of pakka, micarta, acacia, rose, G10 and walnut. It fits in the hand nicely and protects it throughout heavy cooking sessions.

Here are some of the reviews of this knife from our loyal customers:

“The "Daozi Handmade Chinese Style Knife" is amazing and worth every penny for the quality!  My Coolina knife set is growing and I can't wait to expand my collection. You will not be disappointed with this knife or any other Coolina knife.” 

~ Rob D. 

“Beautifully crafted, nice sharp blade. Nice addition to my collection and looking forward to getting more like this. Comes with nice decorative cardboard box.”

~ David M.

“Sharp! Unique! Everyone in the kitchen wanted to see it and pick it up!  My new favourite sharp toy!”

~ Giovanni C.


  1. The Altomino Handmade Butcher Knife



Thousands of distinguished restaurants around the world own this incredible steel knife and are truly happy to use it. It keeps their chefs busy and the customers, happy. Have you ever dreamt about having a restaurant approved knife? Well, then this is the one for you. The high-quality Manganese steel of the blade was hand-forged by professional blacksmiths and has a rough authentic look to it, which is a perfect stylish touch for any kitchen. The perfectly balanced, thin and extremely sharp blade gives you a chance to see how the separation of meat and bone is done properly.

Here are some of the reviews of this knife from our loyal customers:

“I am a professional chef and have been for the last 18yrs, and I have used many different styles of knives.  This butcher knife has exceeded all my expectations from durability to edge retention. It's just the perfect size, can navigate around bones and it's wickedly versatile.” 

~ German S. 

“Beautiful knife, love the look and feel in my hand. Has a nice weight to it which feels to me, like quality. This is my favourite of the four I've bought, although I gifted the first two to my best friend, and I will probably repurchase one of them in the future.” 

~ Douglas S. 

“Sharp, good weight and beautiful.   This was a birthday present for my son but we all are enjoying using it.” 

~ Gillian S.


  1. The LIXY™ - Hand-Forged Cleaver Knife



This is one of our most popular large cleaver knives and believe us it deserves the praise. 

It is practical, it is convenient, it is tough, and it has all you need in a knife. The extremely sharp blade is made out of pure High Manganese steel, which is famous for being tough and durable. The beautiful wooden handle features fully integrated steel. It is designed to be very comfortable for the handgrip and balance the blade out perfectly. This knife is tough enough for you to take it outdoor camping with yourself. It can take all the hard meat cutting work that hunting and camping will demand.

Here are some of the reviews of this knife from our loyal customers:

“Love this knife!!! It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and is quite heavy but that makes it perfect for cutting chickens or turkeys in half. Even with its size, it is well balanced. The handle is very comfortable and provides excellent grip even if your hands are wet from handling the meat. This is my first Coolina knife and it won't be my last. Looking for the next knife to start a collection.” 

~ Clif J. 

“It very sharp and cuts like a champ.  Love the detail on it. I'm very proud of it.”

~ Ronnie B. 

“Well made knife that easily cuts anything I use it on. AAA+++”



In conclusion: 2019 was an amazing year for Coolina and for all of it we are grateful to our supportive customers. It made us happy to see so many of you sending pictures where you use our products and writing amazing reviews. We wanted to highlight 5 of our most popular knives to round up the year and thank all of you for your support and love of our unique knives. Read more customer reviews here. 



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