This Multipurpose pan will change the way you cook

Because chefs are choosy about their cooking gear, items are rarely recommended by more than one chef. The EXCUTO™ - Hand-Forged Pure Iron Pan is an exception. Pros from all over the world write to us about this pan every day telling us how nice and easy it is to use and how many different dishes they cook in it. This pan is recommended by so many cooks that we just had to tell you about it. What makes it so great? Read on.

Cooks evenly.

Perhaps the most common failure of home cooks is cooking food unevenly, which is often not even their fault. Choosing the right cooking gear is very important for any kitchen whether its professional or not. The EXCUTO Pan is praised for many reasons but the biggest reason is its ability to cook food evenly. 



Yes, we, cooks know that the least exciting part of the cooking process is cleaning the mess that we’ve created while having fun in the kitchen. But if you think about it a lot of the mess comes from the wrong cooking gear that we use especially on the stove. Here is when the EXCUTO Pan comes in handy. It is a very deep pan to an extent that people use it as a pot too. It prevents oil and food getting everywhere and the lead heps with the odours that cooking spreads all over your house. 


It’s hand-forged folks, I repeat IT’S HAND-FORGED.

It was hand-forged by professional blacksmiths with traditional knifemaking techniques which give the pot charm and durability. It is made of fine iron, which is perfect for open gas stoves. You will use this pot for many years to come and we guarantee that it will keep its shape throughout the use.


It’s good for experts and beginners.

Sometimes professional chefs love gear that isn’t suitable for home kitchens. The EXCUTO Pan pulls both off well. It’s fast and easy use and clean, plus it fits in a drawer or cabinet particularly well. The beautifully sleek handle is made out of wood and it features a hook that you can use to hang the pot letting it shine in your kitchen. 


The price isn’t bad at all.

A large pan with a lead that can be used both as a pot and a pan deserves more than it actually costs. It is not only multipurpose but also very stylish and sophisticated. It comes with a wooden lid that gives the pot more authentic and old fashioned look, which goes well with the overall style of the pot.

We also wanted to give you a small tutorial on how to season the pot:

  1. Prepare a piece of raw fat pork, rinse the new iron pot with warm water, dry the water (especially the bottom of the pot), place it on the stove, and dry it on medium-low heat.
  2. Put the pork into the pot, and clamp it with a kitchen clip. Wipe the inner surface of the pot from the inner ring to the outer ring in a spiralling motion, so that the spilt oil spreads evenly throughout the pot.
  3. With the continuous wiping, the melted lard spilling out of the pot becomes less and less, and the fat pork also becomes black and smaller.
  4. Pour off the black lard, wipe it off with a kitchen towel, rinse the pot with hot water, and repeat the steps 1 to 3 three to five times.
  5. Rinse with warm water, wipe dry, and use medium-low heat to dry. Wipe a layer of vegetable oil with kitchen paper towels. Wait for 12 hours.

Warm Tip: Be sure to season the new pot before using it



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