Top 5 best knives for cutting meat

When you’re looking for a meat-cutting knife, you need to consider all the types of meats and how they are cut. Is it delicate meat like fish? Is it boney meat or is it chewy? If you want to find a knife that will do it all, that is possible as well. But it is always better to have a knife for each type of food in general. In that way, your knives will last longer and will keep their edges. 

Here we have our list of 5 meat-cutting steel knives that will be become your right hand in the kitchen. 


1. The Promaja™ - Handmade Multipurpose Serbian Chef's Knife


Butchering meat is not an easy task but when you’ve got the right knife, you can make it manageable and even enjoyable to some degree. A hand-forged, exclusive Serbian chef's knife is all you need to feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen, chopping any type of meat without any effort. 

This mind-blowingly stunning knife has a great history behind it to tell. 

Firstly, it was voted as 2018's best chef's knife. Secondly, professional blacksmiths hand-forged it from Serbian Sarschach Steel using ancient quenching technology from the far east. 

You could even cut through wood with this hardened carbon steel blade, which is made to provide extreme sharpness throughout many years of use. The rust on the blade is an edgy touch to remind you how unique the knife is and how it was made. 

It operates sturdy and balanced thanks to its weight and the comfortable handle that balances the blade perfectly. With this knife, meat gets separated without any effort.  

2. LIXY™ - Hand-Forged Cleaver Knife


Yet another cleaver knife that can do it all. This  Knife is a multi-use and highly versatile Cleaver knife, perfect for slicing, dicing, butchering, chopping and more. You’ll fall in love with how effortlessly it cuts nearly anything you put beneath it.

At-home cooks will especially have fun using this knife and they will definitely be amazed by the results if they have never used a professional knife before. 

It is slick, sophisticated and does the job effortlessly. The top-grade blade is super sharp, strong and anti-rust, which is a phenomenal thing for a handmade knife. It will be a perfect piece for a professional collection as well as for a humble kitchen, which is in need of a super high-quality knife. 

You can make this knife do all the cutting work of your kitchen for years and it will still operate as if you have just bought it. It cuts meat smoothly into even slices. 

This perfect knife is for those who can appreciate excellent quality.


3. Altomino Handmade Chef Knife


When searching for a boning knife, you always need to know the material and the hardness of the blade. The last thing you want is ending up with a weak knife that will break in a week. 

We've all had disasters in the kitchen when trying to cut too boney meat with our old blunt knives. Some people break their knives and some even hurt themselves. That is a problem that we can now avoid with this handmade professional chef's knife. 

This kitchen knife doesn't just butcher boney meat, you can cut any type of vegetable with it and even fish, which is a combination that not many knives offer. 

It was made by professional blacksmiths with traditional Japanese knifemaking techniques, which are proven to be one of the best ways of creating a steel knife. 


The natural hand-forged look of the blade provides a gritty and rustic look which makes it feel raw and authentic. Each blade goes through multiple hand inspections to ensure flawless design and precision function.

A heavy-duty knife that is also balanced, comfortable, and perfect for cutting meat? Yes, please! 


4. Daozi



When you think of a knife that can cut all types of meat, you should definitely remember about larger knives. These knives are designed to efficiently cut everything that a chef needs. 

Here we have the ever so sharp and durable Daozi knife. Traditional craftsmanship is what makes the Daozi knives so outstanding and everlasting. The whole process is done manually by professional masters with traditional equipment and without a single modern technique, which guarantees the highest quality and value for what you have spent. The blade is made of high carbon steel imported from Japan and has natural rust on the surface, which is just perfect for the stylish cooks. 

5. Altomino Handmade Butcher Knife



Have you ever dreamt about having a restaurant approved knife? Well, then this is the one for you. The high-quality Manganese steel of the blade was hand-forged by professional blacksmiths and has a rough authentic look to it, which is a perfect stylish touch for any kitchen. 

The perfectly balanced, thin, and extremely sharp blade gives you a chance to see how the separation of meat and bone is done properly. 

Chinese traditional knife-making techniques are proven to give magnificent sharp and longlasting knives. And the fact that they still remain one of the best ways to make a knife is simply humbling. 

If a Knife can handle heavy restaurant use, then nothing will be impossible for it. 

In conclusion: These were the top 5 meat-cutting knives of Coolina. No matter which one ou chase, take good care of it and you will have it for a lifetime. Make sure to always wash it by hand, dry immediately after and never leave it soaking in the water. That will cause rust on a steel blade. Which, of course, you can clean with the help of our guide on how to clean rust from a kitchen knife. 



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