What are the benefits of using handmade kitchen knives?

There has never been a time when handmade knives were not around. There have been periods when they were extremely popular or not so much, but the real fans always knew their value. Nowadays, handmade kitchen knives are taking the market by storm, by a pleasant one, of course. 

Here is how a hand-forged knife is made:

To break down the making process in a simple way; A professional bladesmith takes the steel ingot that was already forged, heats it up and starts to beat it repeating that until he reaches his desired shape. After that, he grinds a rough edge, then comes the heat treat grind and cleaning up. There are also procedures after the treatments, but those are different depending on the type of the knife and the master. These procedures and treatments are the main reason handmade knives are so special. And we are here to talk about all the main benefits that you get when using a handmade kitchen knife in your everyday life. Here they are: 



One of the biggest pros of hand-forged knives is their strength thanks to the forging process, which makes the metal stronger at a molecular level. Not only the process but also the material can give the knife the strength that it needs. 

Most handcrafted knives have a full tang, which is the handle’s steel base. It gives the knife even more strength and balances to handle the weight of the blade. 

Handmade knives are mostly made of a single piece of steel, which is a hard and strong material itself that then undergoes handcrafting procedures that make the knife extremely strong. Not to mention that these were techniques and materials used to create weaponry. 



If a knife is strong, durability is guaranteed as well. Handmade steel knives can endure many years of heavy use yet still keeping their strength and their shape. Steel knives aren’t flexible and they don’t break under pressure. They don't even need added pressure to cut better. 

Professional chefs prefer using handmade steel knives because they know the value of a good long-lasting knife. They love the sharpness, they love cutting effortlessly and they have no problem handling a tough knife. 

If you take good care of your handmade steel knife, it will stay with you a lifetime.



The fact that handmade knives are extremely sharp is very much known and it is one of the main reasons people are so interested in them nowadays. You might be thinking; “But what makes them so sharp?” well, let’s see:

It is simple, handmade steel knives contain high carbon, which makes them hard and allows to keep the sharpness for a long time. 

Handmade knives are not only super sharp but they are also very easy to sharpen because they do not warp against whetstones. You can sharpen them every now and then to have a forever sharp knife. In case if you are new to sharpening, here is how to sharpen steel knives.



Handmade steel knives can be quite weighty which is actually a great thing when it comes to knives. You might have noticed that when a knife is lightweight you tend to apply a lot of force just to cut a piece of meat. But when a knife has its reasonable weight, you will not have to do that ever. 

The sturdiness of handmade knives also gives them balance while cutting. This ensures that you don’t hurt yourself and you cut without any effort or any complicated techniques. But if you are someone who wants to learn new cutting ways, we have a very interesting article about how to chop food like a professional chef.



Hand-forged knives are generally made of one type of steel if it is not a Damascus steel. Now, if you are not familiar with knifemaking, you might not know that steel is the best material for all kinds of knives including kitchen knives. The only problem that you might get with steel is rust, but that preventable and even cleanable. In case if your kitchen knife has rust or you are afraid that it will, here is how to clean rust from a kitchen knife.

So there is nothing really that should stop you from getting steel knives. Steel is stronger than any other material, sharper, more durable, longlasting, safe, it will never break or hurt your hands. Be cautious of the sharpness and you are good to go.



Some people forget that handmade things have a higher value than the ones coming from factories. A handmade knife is a work of art as any other handmade item that you buy with the intention of reselling, collecting or investing. 

Hand-forging steel blades is a craft that comes from ancient times and has been through a lot of tests. Professional bladesmiths are still using traditional techniques to achieve the quality and the value that ancient blades had.

Owning a handmade kitchen knife is not just a cool thing to brag about to your friends, but a collection worthy investment that you get to use in your everyday life to have the best cutting experience of your life. 



In conclusion: Never underestimate the power of a handmade kitchen knife. It is strong, durable, sharp, sturdy, and has great value not only for its material but also the traditional techniques that it was crafted with.




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I have three of ur knifes and one on the way I love them I think they are very good knifes


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