How To Find A Unique Gift That Veterans Will Love And Donate To A Great Cause At The Same Time


My veteran grandpa was so moved when I gave him his Christmas present last year.

He couldn't believe he had been so appreciated for the many years of his difficult military service and that he had been given something he would actually love and use every day.

My grandfather is an American hero to me; he served in the US Air Force for 25 years and never complained about the difficulties he faced.

Instead, he’s always been a guiding light for our family, a positive person whom we all love and appreciate every day.

He is now a retired avid cook who enjoys hosting barbecues for family and friends.

One thing that has always bothered me is that he never asks for anything.

Every Christmas, we struggle to find him a gift that he will truly love and use.

But last year, I took a risk and, instead of the old socks and jumper combo, gave him something unique that he praises and uses to this day.

When I saw this gift, I immediately knew that it was perfect for him.

I know that finding presents for a veteran can be difficult because you want to show him how much you care.

That’s a lot of pressure for just one gift.

But don't worry; I’m here to share my gift idea with you.

Whether you are shopping for a veteran in your life or want to help other veterans in need, Coolina is the place to shop for holiday gifts.

First, you’ll find unique kitchen gifts such as handmade knives and beautifully crafted cutting boards.

Second, you can help veterans by simply shopping for the men in your life.

This is how it works:

You shop for Christmas presents at Coolina's early holiday sales, and 10% of your purchase gets donated to veterans.

We all want to support these incredible people who have given so much for our country, but sometimes we just can't afford to.

However, Coolina allows you to donate without even having to spend more money out of your own pocket.

So why not shop for Christmas now and donate to a great cause?

Nothing Makes A Veteran Happier Than A Gift With A Personal Touch

Details count!

When my grandpa saw that I had engraved the nickname his military friends gave him on his knife, tears of joy and memories of his dear friends filled his eyes.

A small detail like this can make a veteran feel even more touched by your gift.

Veterans need to feel loved and supported the most during the holiday season.

By giving a special gift with a personalized touch, you can show appreciation for their service or congratulate them on their retirement.

You can engrave initials or short quotes on Coolina knives as well as on their sheaths.

Even if you don't have a veteran in your family, you can still brighten someone else's Christmas by simply shopping at Coolina.

Knowing the sacrifice made by that stranger makes it feel even more amazing to help them when they may be feeling the most alone.

He Felt So Loved And Excited To Use His Gift Every Day

The gift I got from Coolina is perfect for my grandfather because he enjoys hosting barbecues and cookouts for his friends and family on the weekends.

He cut up some turkey right away after receiving his gift, and he was amazed by how sharp his knife was.

That was the final indicator that I had chosen the perfect present for him.

Veterans are just like everyone else; they need to eat, sleep, have relationships, have jobs, and have fun.

However, some of the approximately 18 million veterans in the United States find it more difficult to do simple things like that because of their individual military service.

Supporting them and letting them know you care about them are the best things you can do.

Giving them thoughtful presents they can use in their daily lives is one way to do this.

My grandfather couldn't wait to host his next cookout after receiving his Coolina knife.

Coolina knives will get a veteran's groove back and make him feel excited about cooking again.

These are knives that perfectly match the grace and strong character that every veteran has.

In conclusion

Why shop at Coollina?

Simply put, you get the perfect Christmas gift for a veteran, and they donate money to veterans.

So, shopping at Coolina today not only allows you to get the best handmade knives at a discount but also helps support American veterans in need.

I got my grandpa a whole set of incredible kitchen gifts rather than just one knife.

He wears his apron while cooking and uses the cookbook to create amazing recipes for his family and friends on a daily basis.

Here’s what was included in the bundle:

  • Promaja Multi-Purpose Knife
  • Altomino Handmade Chef Knife 
  • Serving Board
  • Cookbook (FREE)
  • Spices (FREE)
  • 2 cotton sheaths (FREE)
  • “Proud to Serve” Apron (FREE)

If you’d like to help vets or find the perfect gift for the veteran in your life, head to Coolina and get the amazing "Veteran Appreciation Set".