5 Knives For Beginner Cooks

If you’ve been wanting to start your culinary journey and are looking for the right knives to start it with, then you’ve come to the right place. We have selected our most comfortable, easy to use and sharp knives for you to start your career even if its just home cooking. The kitchen knives you need will largely depend on where you are in your cooking journey. Here we have the most common types you’ll encounter as you develop your skills over time.

     1. MAJIME - 8 Inch Professional Japanese Chef's Knife

This classic chef’s knife is all you need for any type of cooking. Its razor-sharp edge is hand finished to a mirror polish 12 degrees per side for maximum sharpness. The blade features a beautiful Damascus steel pattern, which minimizes chances of food sticking to the blade making your job even easier. In addition to that, the blade is also stain and rust-resistant. The handle is full-tang & ergonomically designed as well as moisture, heat & impact resistant. The tapered Bolster provides a perfect ‘zero-balance’, finger protection & encourages a natural, comfortable grip. 

The MAJIME™ can be a perfect first serious kitchen knife for beginners due to its simple and comfortable design. 


  1. Altomino Tungsten Steel Slicing Knife

Style and effective functionality come together in this steel slicing kitchen knife. It will smoothly cut your veggies and meat in thin and even slices in a matter of seconds. The blade of this gorgeous knife is made out of German Tungsten steel, which is famous for being extremely strong and durable. It has even been used as a material for rocket engine nozzles. That is how tough this steel is. Imagine it as a knife; It will smoothly slice through anything. The edge of the blade is extremely sharp and keeps its sharpness for a long time. The knife is well balanced and easy to use, which is all we need to begin our cooking journey. 


  1. Altomino Handmade Fixed Blade Sharp Knife

A multipurpose sharp knife that focuses on comfort, balance and quality cutting experience is a perfect knife to start your cooking with. 

The curve of this cleaver knife allows precise separation of meat and bones like you have never seen before. It can handle a wide range of ingredients, including trimming the breast, lamb legs, peeling or breaking down the whole chicken, even separating the pork ribs from the pork loin. The curved blade features high hardness, excellent edge retention, rust and corrosion resistance, and it can easily be sharpened with different sharpening tools. The shape of the blade makes cutting an effortless task. The hand-finished high carbon steel blade is thin, extremely sharp, and keeps its edge for a long time. The back of the blade is thicker making it balanced and durable.

The curvy wooden handle is full-tang, which is perfect for balance and strength. The handle is designed ergonomically, ensuring comfortable and easy operation. Get this guy and begin your cooking journey strong.

  1. Altomino Handmade Butcher Knife

This restaurant-approved knife is not only easy to use it is also very affordable making it perfect for beginner cooks who don't want to splurge on their first knife. 

The high-quality Manganese steel of the blade was hand-forged by professional blacksmiths and has a rough authentic look to it, which is a perfect stylish touch for any kitchen. The perfectly balanced, thin, and extremely sharp blade gives you a chance to see how the separation of meat and bone is done properly. If it can handle heavy professional use then helping a beginner will be a child's play for this knife.  

  1. SURATU - Chopping Cleaver Chef's Knife


You'll learn soon enough that every kitchen needs a cleaver knife for heavier cutting tasks. But don't get too intimidated with this one, it is on a smaller side and it will be the perfect fist cleaver for you. 

This multipurpose knife is 100% handcrafted by professional blacksmiths from high-carbon stainless steel and Clad Steel.

The blade of this knife has a very unique design and the handle features copper nails as well as full tang design, which makes the knife even more sturdy than it already is.

The edge of the blade is extremely sharp allowing you to cut through any ingredient seamlessly. 

In conclusion: It is never too late to step up your cooking game and a nice knife can be the best partner in that crime. 

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