Coolina Knives in Action

For three remarkable years, we’ve seen you all embrace your inner cooks and show off your pro skills with the help of our handmade knives. Every week we eagerly received iconic photos and videos from you and we couldn’t be more content to see our knives in them making you happy to cook. It’s been a pleasure and we will undoubtedly continue contributing to your happiness in the kitchen. 

Today, we wanted to share a very special video where one of our loyal customers is trying out our knives and most importantly, inspiring all of us with his top-notch knife skills. It is incredible how he can put these knives to use so effortlessly. Just take a look. It naturally makes us fall in love with the knives and with the handmade craft even more. 


Altomino Handmade Chef Knife and Promaja are two of our most popular and loved knives. They were both handmade by professional blacksmiths using traditional craftsmanship and high-quality steels. These knives have razor-sharp and extremely versatile blades meant for all types of cooking. As you can see in this video, they are extremely easy to use and perform excellently without much effort. We are proud to say that this is the case with all of our knives and even if you’re new to cooking, find the right tools to help you through the process.



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