Coolina's Growth Over the Years

In 2017, While the “pineapple on pizza” dispute became global, two high school friends started Coolina with the intent of making it global as well. Those hopes sparked the motivation and later became goals, which they inevitably reached. Coolina has been serving not just the United States, but the entire world, with the most iconic revolutionary handmade knives and other vital kitchen equipment for the past four years. These knives have reintroduced traditional workmanship to the industry and sparked a new appreciation for handmade knives. Coolina began as a small business and has evolved to become what it is today. Allow me to demonstrate how this company has grown over the years.


What began as a two-man operation juggling all of the responsibilities has since developed into a large worldwide workforce of dedicated employees committed to the company's success. Our products, like the team, have grown in number. Just this year, we've released five new products, with more on the way. Our online network has grown into a massive gathering of wonderful people across all of our social media channels, from Pinterest to TikTok.

To properly commemorate these achievements, we plan to share it tomorrow with the people who have been the most supportive of Coolina: our staff, friends and family, and, of course, all of you! It's been a pleasure to connect with so many of you over the last four years, and seeing our knives in various areas of the world has made our crew quite happy. So join us on August 26th for a pleasant surprise on our social media platforms and via email!



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