Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just around the corner, and since some of us might not be able to celebrate it with our Dads, we need to put even more effort into getting them a thoughtful gift this year. We want to help you surprise the Father figure in your life with something unique and highly practical this Father's Day. We gave it a bit of thought and came up with the best gifts for a few different types of Dads you might be shopping for. But most importantly, these gifts are for those Dads who value their kitchen gear because these are the toughest handmade knives in the market

The Cool Dad

Cool Dad Gift


No matter how many chunky sneakers your Dad has worn over the years, if you think he’s cool, then he probably is. We’ve picked the Daozi knife for the cool Dad because it will not only suit him but also add to the coolness with its authentically rustic and sword-like blade. 

Traditional craftsmanship is what makes this knife so outstanding and everlasting. The whole process is done manually by professional masters with traditional equipment and without a single modern technique. The blade is made of high carbon steel imported from Japan and has natural rust on the surface, which as we stated, is just perfect for the Cool Dad. It is extremely durable and will last him a lifetime while keeping the edge longer than any other knife. 

The Cook Dad

Gift For Cook Dad


Choosing a knife for the Cook Dad might be difficult since he knows his cooking gear very well. That is why we picked the best one available - The Promaja.  This signature series chef’s knife is carefully handmade using ancient techniques in Europe by Master Artisan bladesmiths using Serbian Sarchach steel. This versatile blade will replace virtually every knife in your Dad’s kitchen and will quickly become his favorite tool to cut, slice and chop nearly anything. The large blade acts as a useful “scoop” to enhance the performance in the kitchen. He can simply sheath the blade and take it anywhere. Feel confident knowing you have gifted a multifunctional cutting tool to handle any job.

The Outdoorsy Dad 

Gift For Outdoorsy Dad


The outdoorsy Dad values the quality of any gear that he takes outdoor and you have to keep that in mind while shopping for their gift especially when it comes to knives. This fixed blade knife was hand-forged by professional blacksmiths from high-quality steel, which optimized the blade's sharpness, edge retention and corrosion resistance. After that, it was put through multiple detailed hand inspections to test its quality. The blade of this knife is extremely sharp and narrow, which makes cutting meat and hard vegetables a breeze. The wooden handle is designed to be very comfortable for the handgrip. It is just perfect for that rough outdoor life, so it’s guaranteed that your Dad will love it as much as he loves the outdoors. 

The Sophisticated Dad

Sophisticated Dad Gift


Now here is where you need to be careful with your choice, the sophisticated type of Dad is hard to please. You need something well made and sleek looking that is easy to operate and does its job without any mess. The blade of this gorgeous knife is made out of German Tungsten steel, which is famous for being extremely strong and durable. It has even been used as a material for rocket engine nozzles. That is how tough this steel is yet it looks so effortless and chic. The edge of the blade is extremely sharp and keeps its edge for a long time. The beautiful wooden handle is designed to be very comfortable for the handgrip, which is crucial for the sophisticated Dad; He doesn’t want to work up a sweat while doing the heavy-duty cutting. 

In conclusion: We’ve listed our favourite types of Dads in here but there are so many other personalities and these gifts can be perfect for them as well. So go ahead and get your Dad the handmade kitchen knife that he deserves.  


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Michael T Armstrong

Recently purchased a pomaja I have a hog farm in north Georgia used it to process a 100 lb roaster pig the knife came very sharp out of the box I was able to shave the roaster in no time highly recommend this knife loo forward to buying more of your knives

Michael T Armstrong

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