See the knives of our Holiday Sale

Holidays are the perfect time to tick off your wishlist because everything goes on sale at this time of the year. Today we wanted to show you some of our popular kitchen knives that are included in Coolina’s Holiday Sale.

  1. The Kiritsuke Japanese Damascus Steel Knife

This is a long-lasting sharp edge Japanese knife designed to cut meat, vegetables and fruits with no effort at all. The blade is handcrafted with pure Damascus steel imported from Japan. 

The tapered grinding of the blade allowed to achieve extreme sharpness, which will last a long time even in a professional kitchen. That is why this knife is so appreciated by professional chefs. It features the classic Damascus steel wavy pattern to improve stain resistance and to prevent food from sticking to the body. The knife handle provides maximum control over movements with minimal effort.

Durability and a good balance, combined with corrosion resistance and dignified elegant Damascus pattern make it the right knife in the hands of professionals. In addition to all of that, it is Super anti-rust, which is phenomenal for a handmade steel knife. Grab yours on sale now!

  1. The Hand-forged Molybdenum Vanadium Steel Knife

It was hand-forged using molybdenum vanadium steel from Germany, this chef's knife can be used in a professional environment as well as in a home kitchen. It has a thin and sharp blade, which can easily slice through anything, starting from vegetables finishing off with steak and other meats. This knife is widely known around chefs due to its quality and durability. The blade keeps its age for a long time even in case of heavy use. The beautiful pattern gives the knife a professional sophisticated look. It also improves stain resistance and prevents food from sticking to the knife body.

The beautiful handle is very durable, non-slip, easy to clean, bacteria-resistant, and comfortable. It provides maximum control in movements with minimal efforts. A chef's knife for the real cooks!

  1. The Coltello Knife

Millions of chefs around the world are captivated by these extraordinary Damascus steel knives. The phenomenal Coltello knives have come a long way to earn their place rightfully by using techniques and materials of ancient traditions. Each Coltello knife is made individually by a professional master through a vacuum hot and cold treatment. The blade is made out of Damascus steel and features a water-cooled secondary blade in a cloud pattern, which is a stunning touch and makes the knife even more unique.

The mesmerizing handle is made of Olneya tesota wood. Every single handle is unique since every piece of wood has a different shape, texture, colour and size. The glowing handle is shaped to fit in your hand perfectly and make the experience smooth and comfortable.

  1. The Ikidzo™ - Handmade Professional Boning Knife

Boning meat with a professional chef's boning knife is a luxury that every cook deserves. 

We've all had disasters in the kitchen when trying to cut too boney meat with our old blunt knives. That is a problem that we can now avoid with this handmade professional boning knife. This is a kitchen knife that can do it all. It doesn't just butcher boney meat, you can cut any type of vegetable with it and even fish. It was made by professional blacksmiths with traditional Japanese knifemaking techniques, which are proven to be one of the best ways of creating a steel knife.

The large and sturdy blade is made of Su Steel and Carbon Steel that have gone through several forging procedures to make the blade extremely sharp, strong, and durable. The beautiful handle is made of Plywood and it balances the tough blade perfectly. It is very comfortable for the handgrip and ensures an efficient cutting process without hurting your hands.


  1. The Altomino Damascus Steel Chef's Knife

Quality ensures longevity and effectiveness. So, don't sleep on this professional chef's knife when shopping for high-quality knives. 

This Damascus steel knife was artificially crafted by lens processing forging technique. It is well balanced and easy to use for both professionals and cooking enthusiasts. At-home cooks will especially have fun using this knife and will definitely be amazed by the results if they have never used a professional knife before. It is slick, sophisticated and does the job effortlessly.

The top-grade blade is super sharp, strong and anti-rust, which is a phenomenal thing for a handmade knife. It will be a perfect piece for a professional collection as well as for a humble kitchen, which is in need of a super high-quality knife. You can make this knife do all the cutting work of your kitchen for years and it will still operate as if you have just bought it.

In conclusion: Shopping on sales is the best way to save while getting everything you had your eye on. Right now, everything in our store is an extra 10% OFF for the Holiday season. You can find not only these gorgeous knives but also, all of our other knives, pans, knife sharpeners and so much more on sale if you visit our store.

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