The one kitchen knife that will get you excited for meal prep

Some people say that their favorite part of cooking is “meal prep”, some insist on the opposite. It’s a debatable subject indeed. But we have noticed that professional chefs are the ones who love meal prep and we like to think that it’s because of the ability to show off their amazing knife skills. And It's mainly the home cooks that don’t enjoy it. But we want to change that. 

We know one thing for sure; a lot depends on your kitchen gear when it comes to cooking. Professional chefs are confident because they have the right knives, which do half of their job. And you too can step up your meal prep game with a multi-purpose kitchen knife. You might not have the skills they do, but a good knife can certainly put you on the right path to gaining some. 

We present to you The Promaja™ - Our exclusive, signature series handmade multi-purpose chef’s knife. 

This knife is well known in the kitchen field and it was even voted 2018’s best chef knife by none other than professional chefs themselves. 

It was carefully handmade using ancient techniques in Europe by Master Artisan bladesmiths using Serbian Sarchach steel. 

This versatile blade will replace every knife in your kitchen and will quickly become your favorite tool to cut, slice, and chop nearly anything you cook. It is razor-sharp and the large blade acts as a useful “scoop” to enhance your performance in the kitchen even more. 

Signature construction makes this Artisan knife extremely comfortable to use and features an ergonomically crafted handle to ensure “surgical precision” for even the finest cuts. The weight of the blade makes cutting easy, so you exert less effort in the kitchen and you still have great results. 

Not to mention the look of it: The large, rustic two-tone blade is absolutely outstanding. It will amaze you how much attention this knife gets, which is just a plus to its amazing features. 

Did I tell you how affordable it is? Well, to find a knife this high quality, handmade and sharp with a price tag under a hundred dollars is a steal and you know it! So go ahead and make your meal prep an enjoyable process with this multi-purpose chef’s knife. 

In conclusion: You don’t need formal culinary training to own a chef-quality knife. You just need a little caution and some patience while taking care of it. If you want to learn more about that, we have the perfect article for you:  How to care for Coolina Knives. 



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