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Today, we're going on an unforgettable travel adventure with our taste buds, so strap in. We're starting the trip from French Provence with some much-needed vegetable meal. Then, we're off to Brazil for a hearty steak, and finally, Italy is where we end our quest with a perfect plate of Arborio rice. 
The famous vegetable stew known as Ratatouille will transport your kitchen to the French Provence. Despite the fact that it gained the huge fame as a result of the Disney film, it is still as delicious as they made it out to be.
Difficulty : 1 star 
Prep: 20min
Cooking : 55min
  • Sunflower oil 500g 
  • Zucchini x 4 
  • Yellow Zucchini x 4 
  • Vegetable marrow x 4 
  • Eggplant x 4 
  • Tomato x 8 
  • Tomato juice x 1KG bottle
  • Carrot x 4 
  • Potato x 8 
  • Mozzarella 250g 
  • White Onion x 4 
  • Garlic x 2
  • Thyme 
  • Butter x 1
  • Salt
  • Pepper 
  • Nutmeg
  1. Put oil in the pan 
  2. Cut 2 garlics and 1 onion and add in the hot pan
  3. Add the tomato juice 
  4. Add salt + pepper + peel some nutmeg
  5. Cut zucchini, carrot, eggplant, tomato, potato, vegetable marrow and mozzarella 
  6. Put one ingredient after the other to make a spiral
  7. Put the pan in the Oven - 180 degrees Celsius - 40 min
  8. Take the pan out of the oven
  9. Add more salt and pepper if necessary 
  10. Add the thyme 
  11. Bon appétit!  


2. Roll Steak Picanha

Want to try this TikTok famous Steak? Follow the recipe below and you're good to go. Picanha is another name for the top sirloin cap, which is a specialty of a churrascaria or Brazilian steakhouse. Before serving, the tasty meat is skewered, grilled, and cut. 

Difficulty: Medium
Prep: 20min
Cook: 20min


  • 1 Steak Picanha 2600g
  • Bacon 200g
  • Onion x 1
  • Garlic x 1
  • Rose marine (or basilic) - 50g
  • Mozzarella 100g
  • Cheddar 100g
  • Spinach 100g
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Peanuts x 1 cup


  1. Slice the fat (white) out from the meat
  2. Cut a corner of the meat for the entrance
  3. Cut the bacon put it somewhere with the fat of the meat
  4. Peel the cheese, set aside 
  5. MARINADE: In a bowl, add 100ml of oil, and add Onion, Garlic, Rose Marine (or basilic) after cutting them.
  6. Add the oil in a Pan and add the bacon and the fat of the meat - Half way through cooking, add some spinach with the bacon and the fat, and mix - Add the peanuts.
  7. Inside the meat, add the peeled cheese + add the bacon/fat/spinach/peanuts
  8. Spread the marinade at the top and bottom of the meat
  9. Put the pan on the fire (180C) and add the meat inside - 20 min (every 10 min change the side)
  10. Bon appétit!


3. Rice Arborio with Chicken and Chopped Beef

This northern Italian-grown rice has shorter and plumper high-starch kernels than any other short-grain rice. The grains become soft and chalky in texture when cooked.

Difficulty: easy
prep: 20min
cook: 20min


  • Rice 100g
  • Beef 200g
  • Chicken leg x 1
  • Apple x 1 
  • Parsley x 1
  • 1 cucumber


  1. Butcher beef and chicken
  2. Boil the chicken and beef 
  3. Put 150ml water in the pot (for rice)
  4. Add 100g rice inside + 2 spoon of salt
  5. After 10min, the water should be evaporating + Take out the rice
  6. Cut apple, parsley, cucumber
  7. Put everything on your plate + add some butter or salt on the rice and mix
  8. Bon appétit!



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