Top 5 knives for outdoor use: Our picks

If you like spending time outdoors camping, fishing or hunting, then you know how crucial it is to have the right equipment with yourself. The great outdoors require tough and extremely sharp knives that can do the job well and last a long time. That is why we present to you our top 5 picks for the best knives for outdoor use. These guys are tough and rough, ready to cut boney meat and more. 

  1. Promaja

We are starting with a strong one. Artisan crafted with Signature Sarchach Serbian steel, Promaja is the perfect choice if you're searching for a versatile tough knife. People love to take it on their BBQ, hunting, and camping trips. Its sharp blade can cut nearly anything and thanks to the large blade, it also acts as a useful “scoop”. Simply sheath the blade and take it anywhere. Feel confident knowing you have a multifunctional cutting tool to handle any job.

The Promaja signature series Chef’s Knife is carefully handmade using ancient techniques in Europe by Master Artisan bladesmiths using Serbian Sarchach steel. These proprietary techniques result in a more superiorly crafted knife.

  1. Altomino Handmade Chef Knife

Altomino is one of the most popular multi-use knives that’s perfect for any situation including the kitchen, bbq’s, restaurants, outdoors & hunting.
It was hand-forged by Master European knife smiths as an “all-purpose” using special techniques. It’s designed to provide equally satisfying cuts to both meat and vegetables alike. 


  1. The SURATU™ - Chopping Cleaver Chef's Knife

This effective knife is 100% handcrafted by professional blacksmiths from high-carbon stainless steel. The process of producing this knife takes longer than that of an ordinary knife and that's a sign of fine craftsmanship behind it. Take this knife on your outdoor ventures and you won't need any other cutting tool ever. 

The blade of this knife has a very unique design and the handle features copper nails as well as full tang design, which makes the knife even more sturdy than it already is. The edge of the blade is extremely sharp allowing you to cut through anything seamlessly.

  1. The Altomino Hand-Forged Chopping Knife

Nothing makes a meat fanatic more excited than a sharp professional knife that does its job effortlessly. Altomino's latest creation, which is this strikingly unique knife, captured the attention of many professional chefs, hunters, and regular cooks. 

This Chinese style multipurpose butchering knife will be your lifelong companion when you are up to heavy-duty cutting, such as slaughtering meat. It is conveniently practical in any situation, including, outdoor camping and hunting. The creation of this chopping knife is even more exciting than the rustic tough look of it. It was hand-forged and hammered by professional blacksmiths with ancient smithing techniques, which are proven to be the best way to make high-quality and long-lasting knives.

It comes with a gorgeous patterned leather case, which will make it easy to take it outdoors with you.

  1. Daozi 

Traditional craftsmanship is what makes the Daozi knives so outstanding and everlasting. The whole process is done manually by professional masters with traditional equipment and without a single modern technique, which guarantees the highest quality and value for what you have spent.

The sleek blade is made of high carbon steel imported from Japan and has natural rust on the surface, which is just perfect for the stylish cooks. Of course, the edge is very sharp and needs to be handled carefully. It is extremely durable and will last you a lifetime. The ever so comfortable handle is made out of pakka, micarta, acacia, rose, G10, and walnut. It fits the hand nicely and protects it throughout heavy cooking sessions.

Any of these knives will do a perfect job for your outdoor cooking and other cutting tasks, so don't hesitate and pick your tough companion Today.



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