5 Grilling Hacks That Will Up Your BBQ Game

BY JULIA | JUL 14, 2022 | 0 COMMENTS

The grill in every backyard is being used practically daily as summer is in full bloom. You've undoubtedly grilled a lot of patties and hot dogs on that grill of yours because nothing beats a family meal outside after a long summer day. After years of grilling, you certainly have your own personal techniques, but we are here to provide some tips and tricks that can simplify your life. So take a seat and appreciate how your BBQ lifestyle is revolutionized.

1.  Use Ice Cubes For Extra Juiciness

This BBQ season, steer clear from feeding your guests dried-out patties and instead serve them the greatest burgers they've ever eaten. Put an ice cube in the middle of a raw patty; as it cooks, the ice will melt, creating a deliciously juicy, melt-in-your-mouth burger. Keep this hack in mind and your burgers will never be dry. 

2.  Season Raw Meat Ahead Of Time

For the best flavor retention, season your meat at least an hour before grilling. Remember to season a little more generously than usual because the majority of it will burn off while the food cooks. Whether you're making steak or burgers, the meat needs to be properly seasoned to achieve the restaurant-quality your family deserves. 

3.  Use An Iron Skillet On Top Of The Grill

Try setting an iron pan right on top of the grill the next time you cook something on it. Cast-iron skillets are strong and resistant to extreme heat. The signature smoky flavor will still be there, but you won't have to worry about anything getting stuck or dropping through the grates of the grill. Bonus points if you use our Excuto Pan.

4.  Use An Onion To Clean The Grill

You heard right; stop using the unsanitary cleaning brush and switch to eco-friendly cleaning methods. Cut an onion in half, then prick each side with a fork. Start scrubbing after getting your grill really hot to loosen the accumulated grime. The onion will get rid of all the leftovers and prevent any unpleasant chemical flavors or stale bacteria from remaining in the grill.

5.  Soak The Skewers In Water

The next time you're grilling kebabs, soak your skewers in water for an hour or two before using them to prevent scorching. This can stop the skewers from smoking, burning, and drying out before you're ready to take them off the grill. Trust me, food presentation is as important as the taste of it.

6.  Use The Right Gear

If you take great pride in your BBQ skills, you are well aware of the significant impact that using the right knives has on how easy and enjoyable your experience is. Whether it's a hand-forged cleaver or a handmade chef knife, you need a collection of sturdy knives that will become your go-to when it comes to grilling. Use the right knives to unleash the real BBQ pro you’ve always had within.