How Coolina helped 38,375 American wives find a unique Christmas gift that their husbands actually loved and used every day

BY JULIA | OCT 19, 2022 | 0 COMMENTS

It's getting harder and harder to choose Christmas presents, especially for men. They no longer wait for gifts in the age of instant gratification; men will see something they want or need and go buy it.

I used to have a lot of trouble buying gifts for my husband, not just for Christmas but also for his birthdays and our anniversaries.

He would receive a gift, say "Oh, thank you," and then never use it.

And the problem wasn't that I didn't know him; rather, it was that I wasn't aware of what he actually wanted and would use on a daily basis.

Some men may be kind and give you a wish list, but most of the time, you're left to use your intuition or your memory to choose the perfect gift.

Even if you start your shopping early, it is just too stressful, and for those who wait until the last minute, it is a true nightmare.

We, at Coolina, took matters into our own hands last year and quickly became the number-one Christmas gift store in the world.

Through us, dozens of struggling wives were able to get their husbands exactly what they wanted and would use every day.

Keep reading to find out how exactly they did it, and how you can find the right gift for your special someone.

Dozens of women bought their gifts early to skip the Black Friday madness

Wise people avoid Black Friday sales at all costs.

The craziness of how people act on that day, and the actual fights over the last product, are something you do not want to experience for yourself.

It is exhausting and can result in a bad headache for the rest of the day.

Thanks to our early gift guides and early bird discounts, many women were able to buy their Christmas gifts way before all that madness began.

This madness increases every year, so don’t wait for Black Friday.

In recent years, people have experienced huge shipping delays because container ships get stuck in the ports and this is expected in 2022 as well.

If you wait for Black Friday, your items will either quickly sell out or they might not arrive on time for Christmas.

The smartest move is to shop now and enjoy the holidays without a single worry about your gifts.

People got their exclusive Christmas deals early in the year and saved $79 on average

From past experience, we knew that our stocks would run very low around the beginning of December. It can be complicated if the items you are looking for are popular and in high demand. This assumes, of course, that you even know what you're looking for.

Most people put off their holiday shopping until the last minute because they can't afford to buy that many gifts at full price.

We did something very simple.

In order to help people get great gifts and save a ton of money, we offered early deals way before the holiday season.

We also provided Afterpay so that those who couldn't pay the entire amount upfront could divide it and pay the rest over time.

Holiday shopping can be really expensive since you’re buying gifts for so many people at once. Afterpay helps you split the cost and not spend all your savings at once.

We started our sales as early as October, and that helped people finish their Christmas shopping early and not only save a lot of money but also avoid the madness of last-minute shopping.


When the initial stress of buying a gift fades, the pressure of having it well-received takes its place. This final aspect of gift-giving is actually the source of all stress. Will they like it?

Will they keep it? Or re-gift it to someone else? Or, even worse, they may decide to store it in the attic where it will never be seen again.

We wouldn't be the top gift store if it weren't for the happy reactions of those who received our knives as presents.

Seeing how happy and excited they were when they opened their gifts warmed our hearts and confirmed that we were on the right track.

I remember getting an email from one of our customers saying;

“Even though we have been married for 16 years, I have never seen my husband get so excited over a gift. As soon as he opened it, he was jumping around with joy. He was so happy; it was like our wedding day all over. His smile didn't fade for 5 days straight. "

Our inbox was flooded with similar messages for weeks on end. We had never seen anything like it.


There’s no better plan for men than grilling up their favorite meat and watching the game with the boys.

What makes them even more obsessed are the toys they use to cook and brag about to their friends.

But don’t worry; you will reap the fruits of his cooking too.

Our though handmade knives will please any grilling fan, chef, home cook, or any other man who enjoys cooking.

We had customers purchasing items for their spouses, grandparents, friends, and even for themselves.

People questioned, "Will this suit my husband's style?" “Is this intended for veggies or tough meat?" "Will my grandpa be able to use it in his butcher shop?"

The way our knives cut through the meat like butter amazed their men, who love juicy steaks and barbecue.

These men knew that our knives were perfect for them from the moment they used them.

When they held one of these knives in their hands, they fell in love with the way they felt, the weight and balance that they had.

So, if your man is anything like them, he will most definitely love Coolina knives and use them every day.

How you can avoid stressful holidays and find the gift that will fit his needs perfectly

Now let’s set the record straight once and for all - It’s never too early to shop for Christmas gifts.

Like last year, we’re starting our Christmas deals early in the year.

We’ve actually started even earlier than last year by a month, and it’s helped many people who would otherwise struggle until the last minute.

In just this month, you can expect many exclusive offers and deals to come your way. One of these deals is already up and running in our store.

Discover our brand-new Christmas bundles that can cover several gifts at once at affordable prices.

Shopping for your husband? He’ll have many different items that he will cherish and use every day.

He will love using it when entertaining his guests, and his favorite time of the day will be when he gets to show off his knife skills.

With these sets, it will be simple to find the perfect Christmas gift for multiple people without having to frantically search the web on Christmas Eve and pray to the shipping gods for the quickest delivery.

Click here to find the brand-new bundles with the biggest discounts and an option to use Afterpay.